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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 12, 2013 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> steve: tomorrow is going to be the post game show for tonight has state of the union address. we will get reaction from senator marco rubio and oddly, brooklyn decker. >> brian: she will report and respond and the tea party response will be rand paul. that should be interesting. >> gretchen: log on for our after the show show. more with jody and these toys for girls. >> brian: see you on the radio. bill: there is breaking news. the defiant north korea is at it again. that's the rocket launch from december a few months back. i'm will hemmer, welcome to
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america's hughes room *. -- "america's newsroom." marthamartha: north korea says y have successfully completed a nuke car test, the kind you would put on a missile. >> reporter: the world got a bit more dangerous overnight. it is twice as powerful as the north korea completed in 1999. north korea claims it is a smaller, more sophisticated device. we have no con fir maition nation on that. if that's true, this means north
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korea is capable of creating something like a war head that could fit on a ballistic missile. one expert said this is an important step toward further weaponnization of their nuclear arsenal. bill: why is this happening now, gregg? >> reporter: pyongyang has not stopped their barrage of propaganda since they tested the device. they say this is just a first response. they say this is in response to hostile activity from the united states. the united states called it provocative. what is significant is this is the first nuclear test while kimukimjune unis in control.
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probably it is no coincidence that today obama will be delivering that state of the union address. they are looking for a maximum tie-in with their arch enemy the united states. martha: this merry-go-round over north korea's nukes goes back 20 years. it froze its nuclear program in 1994 in an agreement with the u.s. but that broke down in 2002. north korea has been ramping up their production ever since. they put the number in the north between 4-13 nuclear bombs. bill: this is the range of the
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missile we do believe north korea has the capacity to. the range said to be 6,000 kilometers away from north korea. just to the edge of where you would findway. here is the dmz that separates north korea. this time of year it is isolated, it is remote, it is cold and snowy as well. we'll show you the region for the number of countries -- they have been party to the talks with north korea in the past. we are gauging talks out of moscow. we are going to bring you all of that as we move throughout the morning. northern region of north korea is where this was detected
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earlier today. martha, back to you. martha: it's a big night in america. we are hours away from the president's fourth state of the union address. he's calling for investment in infrastructure and education. which means we'll see more spending. what do we expect tonight, stuart? >> reporter: we'll see the president make a call for a robust presence of the government's presence in the economy. in three areas he will call for more spending, education, green energy and infrastructure. those are three key areas where the president wants to improve increased spending. it will rely on a mini stimulus program. he will rely on government spending to create jobs. this will be paid for with
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higher taxes on wealthy individuals, corporations and oil companies. this will be the aggressive pursuit of the economic policies put in place in the first four years. more government spending. martha: we saw a recent poll that showed 2-1 that people do not believe more spending is the route to economic recovery in this country. it got him reelected, these ideas about taxing oil companies and the rich more. but there is another question that has to do with reports of fraud and waste in the existing spending programs. the president's always said he would go after them with a scalpel to make sure the waste is gone. is that happening? >> reporter: the free cell phone system, the lifeline program. 6 million people get three cell
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phones from the government. 42% of the people who got the phones could not justify their eligibility. the broadband opportunities program, $4 billion. part of it's been halted because internet service supposed to go to some rural areas have not gone to the right places or the right people. number three, state authorities are beginning to question the return on a college investment as college tuition costs skyrocket and student debt explodes to over a trillion dollars. the authorities are questioning what do we get it of college education just as the president wants to spend even more on education. martha: anybody listening to this would say does anybody check on these programs and try to figure out -- at one point the vice president was supposed to make sure the stimulus dollars were going to effective use places. anybody following up?
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>> reporter: the inspector general looks at these government programs and exposes the waste and fraud. but are they ever truly scaled back and abolished in the answer is no, they are not. it never really happens. martha: once these things are on the books it's next to impossible to get rid of them. bill: we are learning interesting names on the state of the union guests. former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband astronaut mark kelly. they will be guests of senator mccain. also on the list gun rights advocate ted nugent will be the guest of a republican congressman. martha: interesting crew there.
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for full and complete coverage of the state of the union, you know where to go, right? our special coverage gets going at 8:55 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. bill: where else would you be? we have had enough previews. we know what he's going to ask for and we know what house republicans will give and what they will not. it's a busy morning here on a tuesday. it will be long trip home for 4,000 passenger and crew strand offed on that broken down ship. an update from one of the' koig escorts today. martha: there are disturbing details surfacing in the search for a fugitive ex-cop. he may have had some help. bill: chuck hagel, is he being honest with congress. a senate panel gets ready to
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bill: breaking news. we are learning later tonight in the state of the union address president barack obama will announce a year from today the united states will have 34,000 fewer troops fighting in afghanistan than at the moment. so expect headlines on that throughout the day. we'll get more on that out of washington. martha: chris kyle, the ex-navy seal sniper who was gunned down at a shooting range will be laid to rest at the tks state acceptor -- at the tk at the tee cemetery.
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former alaska governor sarah palin and her husband were among those who attended the emotional sendoff. he leaves behind his wife and two yo we thank him for his service. bill: there are new details emerging on defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. fox news confirming hagel did not disclose two recent speeches on the arab-israeli conflict as part of his confirmation. i speak with senator james inhofe of oklahoma. can you prevent chuck hagel from being the defense secretary?
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>> i don't know if i can stop it. today at 2:30 he will be passed out of committee. the democrats want it the republicans don't. the next problem will be we'll see to it he has a 60 vote threshold. by doing that there will have to be 60 members of the united states senate who want him to be the secretary of defense. i give senator cruz credit for this. he had a videotape of al jazeera where hagel agreed with them that israel was guilty of war crimes and sickening slaughter and america is the world's bully and arguably one of the strongest terrorist states, iran is endorsing him to be the next seek terry of defense. if 60 members of the united
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states senate think in spite of that will be a good secretary of defense we'll find out. bill: it appears you are right at the line on that. >> i have no way of knowing. all but two republicans in the u.s. senate have said negative things about him. bill: senator mccain suggested this is not the type of filibuster battle republicans in the senate want. do you agree with him? >> it's not a filibuster. i'm saying we are going to try to get anne a consent agreement solar are you reid will alloy us to have a 60-vote margin. it happened with kathleen sebelius. this is a common thing and it should be expected they should have to have a 60-vote margin. bill: two of senator hagel speeches were apparently not
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included in his senate proposal form. >> other members are concerned about not getting the financial information that they requested and they have a strong point there. i think we have 3 or 4 senators. senator cruz is one of them. bill: senator lindsey graham says this should not go forward until the white house provides more information for what the president was doing and the white house was communicating on september 11, the night the benghazi consulate was under attack. >> it isn't an issue for me. it's a totally different subject. we have united states senators elected to office and on the armed forces committee. different things are objectionable to each one. we are not carbon copies.
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senator graham has every right to have the information he's hoping for. i think he's supporting the idea of a 60-vote flesh hold. bill: i know you will not vote for him. in the end do you win this battle or not. >> i give it a 55-45. bill: we have brand-new information from the vatican after the pope's stung -- the pope's stunning announcement. a little bit more on what went into his announcement and the role he will play from here. bill: 4,000 people are strand on this ship. we'll talk to the coast guard helping them get back to port.
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bill: three people are dead after a deadly shooting at a courthouse in delaware. according to investigators the gunman was the father of a man who had kidnapped his children in 2007. was in the middle of a bitter custody battle. there are were duds of people in the lobby at the time of the shooting. >> when i first heard it it was so fast, pop pop pop pop pop. >> i saw a cop hit the floor and i hit the floor and everybody was going down at that point. bill: the courthouse is known for handling most of the issues
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for the american stock exchange. martha: a stranded cruise ship with 4,000 people onboard is being slowly tugged back to the u.s. shoreline. it's called the carnival triumph and it has been stranded since sunday morning when a fire erupted in one of its engine rooms. since then things have not been so cushy. they have been floating aimlessly in the gulf of mexico. at one point they floated 90 miles north. i'm joined by the hero of this story. good morning, commander. you are better off on the vigorous than the triumph today.
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give us a sense of what's happening on the water. >> yesterday afternoon we had two carnival cruise ships that transferred about 3 tons of supplies over to triumph. at 8:30 p.m. two tugs came alongside, large, ocean-going tugs. since last night we have been going at 8 miles per hour north. we have current push us so that weighs into the decision the carnival made to tow the vessel to mobile, alabama. martha: the reports that we have been getting off that ship are horrific. people are saying the toilets are overflowing. the carpets are soaked. they barely have any food to eat. i all brought hem supplies i'm sure they were grateful for. what's the feeling for what's going on on the ship as far as
6:26 am
you can tell? >> it's hard for to us confirm the exact conditions onboard. carnival would have to comment on that. we did note people were in good spirits when the transfer of supply.was going on there that's what we observed from people on deck. martha: i'll bet they were happy to see you guys. how long do you expect this will take? when do you expect they will be back home? >> right now looking at the vessel arriving on the 18. that's with no problems along the way. we don't anticipate any problems at this time. martha: do you expect you will make more deliveries of supplies before the ship gets back to the coast? >> it appears they have enough to get back.
6:27 am
between the two cruise ships they transferred a lot of material. we don't anticipate having to do any additional supply. martha: you guys do a fantastic job. i'll bet they were so glad to see the coast guard coming to their aid. good luck with this mission. thank goodness for the coast guard. bill: they will be home for valentine's day and they will have a heck of a tan. martha: were willing to weather the night weather just to get out there and breathe. bill: we have more on the fugitive ex-cop accused of triple murder and promising more violence. authorities are saying chris dorner may have had help from the beginning. martha: the president is said to get aggressive at the state of
6:28 am
the iewn wroteon tonight. republicans are saying the president has gotten plenty in terms of taxes and spending so we'll speak with california republican kevin mccarthy. >> i'm not sure it will be a speech about ideas or program. if the inaugural address was this extraordinarily ideological address, i think the state of the union will be extremely aggressive and partisan. obama is stale campaigning. he hasn't stopped. [ whispering ] i've always preferred the crème part of an oreo.
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bill: new information now on the search for this fugitive excop wanted for murder, thee of them in fact. new here released court documents suggest dorn r- christopher dorner may have had help hiding from police. what are we learning about some of the documents that have turned up? what are in those? >> reporter: one ever the big questions is, what was dorner doing up in the san bernardino mountains? what was he doing in big bear? how did -- why did he torch his truck, and if he did how did he get off the mountain? one of the answers may lie in this federal court records that we obtained in an affidavit in support for an arrest warrant there a u.s from a u.s. marshal who says that dorner has a friend, a known associate with the initials j. y. in his manifesto he calls jason young, a great friend, mother, entrepreneur, i love you
6:33 am
brother. his family owns a cabin in big bear. the marshal service was tracking young and saw his car last thursday in mes costa costa mesa off the mountain, that is four hours dorner set fire to his truck. feasibly assuming dorner is not still on that mountain somewhere that could have been his ride off the mountain. the affidavit says there is probable cause to believe that dorner mexico, that is based on when dorn er dorner dorner attempted to steal that bot, boat, unsuccessfully. he said to the man he was taking the boat to mexico but a rope got caught in the propeller and that didn't happen. the attorneys say don't read too much into this. because the information is a little old. last night police raided a hotel
6:34 am
in mexico, 20 cops, they did not find dorner. when you are at the port of entry there are cameras, as well as a license plate reader. if he went over the border legally, if you will, u.s. authorities had time, we believe to have stopped him there. he could have stopped the border into mexico illegally of course. that is some of the information coming out of the affidavit. bill: apparently there is new video of dorner that has su has surfaced. >> tmz is reporting it obtained video from a sporting goods store in torrance california of dorner buying scuba equipment. we know he had training with the navy. he was carrying two air tanks. that was the week he was dismissed from the navy, two days before he allegedly killed monica quan and her fiance. by the way, i talked to the
6:35 am
police, or the task force last night, they are looking into the authenticity of those video shots from the sporting good store. there is also information there that an individual called randy quan the father of monica quan said you should have done a better job protecting your daughter. but that could have been a hoax, it was traced to canada. bill: thank you. martha: president obama expected to be somewhat aggressive in the state of the union address tonight. he will likely use the prime-time spotlight to challenge republicans on several key issues. california republican kevin ma thart thee ikevin mccarthy is the house majority whip. you've heard reports this morning that basically the inaugural address was sort of an olive branch but the one-two punch is coming tonight?
6:36 am
>> that is unfortunate. i was hoping that this president would realize the campaign is over and that he could put a plan together for all americans that we can move forward and get this economy back working again. martha: well the plan is according to what we are learning for more spending, struck struck, education, green energy, these are themes we have heard throughout the obama presidency. what is your response going to be to, you know, the notion that spen spending more is the way he still believes he's going to turn this economy around? >> that is going to fail. remember we had this whole plan before where they went out and spent a trillion dollars on a sometime last plan that did not work, it h helped get uts in us in this mess. he's got more than enough revenues, he's always talked about a balanced approach but never talked about the ability where he could find cuts in government or control the spending in government. he should put his political
6:37 am
pressure on the democrats in the senate that haven't even produced the budget. martha: there is absolutely no indication in anything that we are learn hrao*erpbg abou learning about this address that it toes this. one of his aide with us a source on one of these reports this morning quoted an old chinese strategist, the idea is to build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across. that's the way he sees the tkpworpbgs the g.o.p., they havbucked have bucked him at every turn and he's ready to move ahead without you guys. >> remember when ronald reagan was president the democrats controlled both houses and reformed the tax code. when bill clinton had newt gingrich and bob doyle to deal with they balanced the budget and reformed re welfare.
6:38 am
i think americans want to see us work together. he need to stop campaigning. >> one of the tricky things with the tax reform issue that i see is that early on in the process of trying to come in with a way to bring in more revenue republicans said we are willing to do it, we'd like tow do it through tax reform,ee lame nature some of the loopholes, talk about capital gains. they raised taxes initially as part of the fiscal cliff bargain, now they are coming back for more and saying we also want what you suggested the first time around. >> if you read the congressional budget office latest report over the last four decade the average amount of money that the president got coming in was 17.9% of gdp. it says this president is going to get 19.1%, it's going to take from the economy, from the gdp. he already has more revenue on average than the last 40 years. his problem is spending. if you just look at the first
6:39 am
-- martha: nancy pelosi says spending is not the problem. the president has said it. hair economisan economist said we're going there, and we're willing to make more. what do you say? >> i think the president continues to spend more. he added 6 trillion. if you take the first two months of this fiscal year revenues increased 6%, 30 billion. you can't get out of this problem. martha: do you feel like you're shouting into the wind? i didn't mean to just cut you off there which makes you feel more like you're shouting into the wind. do you feel that way? >> i feel tpwrus traited tha frustrated that the president won't listen to the american public. if you sake away all the zeros and put in the family house-hold numbers on average we bring in $24,000 a year but we spend
6:40 am
approximately $35,000. so we add $11,000 to the credit card. on that credit card we already owe $160,000. you can't get out of this mess by continuing to spend. you have to grow the economy, which is a plan that we both worked together but you've got to watch your spending, that's when the president talks about a balanced approach he should do something about it. martha: you talk about adding things and infrastructure and green jobs and education, you also talk about retitlement reform which the president says he's willing to do. do you see any common ground on entitlement reform this coming year? >> i think the person public wants to be able to save medicare and social security. i see the president ignoring it. every year he ignores it it adds 11 trillion to the unfunded. when the republicans put in a plan to balance the budget in ten years. they are going to have apple's
6:41 am
ceo inside the state of union. the the last time the democrats passed a budget the ipad wasn't even interes introduced they are already onto their third version. martha: thank you very much, congressman kevin mccarthy, it's always good to have you on. >> thank you. bill: can't stop apple. check of the markets we are treading market as investors react to the state of the union address later tonight. the economy will take center stage. it's been on center sthaeupbl centanni tere stagcenter stage for five years. businesses are really doing well. martha: a little more stuff overseas. bill: right at the 14,000 mark. we'll keep and eye on that for you. martha: this is not the first time that we have told you this story, with regards to north korea. but this time this nuclear test, the experts are saying looks very different and very concerning from the rogue nation as they take a huge step toward launching a nuclear missile.
6:42 am
this is an important story this morning, everybody, ambassador john molton will be up next. bill: tweets on this. gas prices are going in the wrong direction, that means higher. how much it's costing you every day and why it's going up, we'll talk about this. martha: that is not good. bill: that's light. stat erring number in a moment as we come back. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. legs up, legs up, legs up ! red hot deal days are back.
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martha: if you drive, and let's face us most of us do, it's hard to get places if you don't, you may have noticed that gas prices jumped in the past two we can. the average price is $3.60. it has risen every day for almost a month. 26 consecutive days, $3.60 is the highest ever for this time of year and the highest since october. americans say more than an average of $1.3 billion for gas every day. a lot of gasoline.
6:46 am
bill: so north korea now thumbing its nose at the united states in the world community. china russia, south korea, japan, it conducted yet another nuclear test overnight. this time that rogue regime detonating a miniature rice eddie vice just the type would you put on top of a ballistic missile. ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor, good morning to you sir. i want to connect two dots quickly. you had a missile test in september, a smaller test overnight that was first perceived to be an earthquake, now we know according to south korean officials it is something very different. what are you to make of this now, mr. ambassador. >> as you say this is the third north korean nuclear test. they are proceeding in a very systematic way coupled with tests of ballistic missiles obviously to develop a nuclear warhead that their missiles can carry anywhere on earth. we've seen this program in training for 20 years, and this
6:47 am
third test is just another piece of evidence, sadly, of the failure of america's efforts through three administrations to deal effectively with north korea and its nuclear program. bill: i just want you to react to this. north korea it's saying it's a first response to perceived u.s. threats again the country. a lot of that is laced with rhetoric and also talked about second and third measures of greater intensity if the united states maintains that stated hostility. what does that mean? >> well it's all from a standard north korean phrase book blaming us for their nuclear weapons program. next they'll be threatening to unleash a sea of fire across the korean peninsula this we do anything about it. the real issue is whether we'll take this seriously enough to do the only thing that really can eliminate this threat, and that's to work with china and others in the region to get the
6:48 am
korean peninsulae peninsula reunified. bill: this is a really remote region this time of the year. it is winter that that part of the korean peninsula we can advance it one time because you mentioned china there are at least six nations as a part of this story on going for years. russia is one, japan, south korea and of course china and the united states u. say it is critical mr. ambassador to understand what china's position is on this now. they've condemned it, but what more have we learned from beijing? >> well, the question is whether china is willing to exert the influence it alone has to change the regime, or at least to change their policy. china supplies 90% or more of north korea's energy, food and humanitarian existence. that regime would not continue to exist without china's report. china says it doesn't want north
6:49 am
korea to have nuclear weapons, but frankly for 20 years it has failed to do what it alone can do to stop it. the idea that we are going to negotiate with north korea over this has been a delusion for a longtime. bill: one more question on this. you say it's important to understand whether it's plutonium or ooh rain yan. what is the difference? >> the north korean as have been use -d plutonium in their first new tests reprocessed from their reactor. many believe they are running out of plutonium. they have had a substantial uranium enrichment program for ten years. if leaks from gases from this test show that it was uranium based that will demonstrate that they have enriched uranium to weapons grade levels and have successfully tested it. that would be a big breakthrough with potential implications for iran as well. bill: one question on benghazi. this came out of the hearing at the end of last week, the amount of contact or lack there of that
6:50 am
came from the white house and specifically the president after 5:30 in the evening when the consulate was under attack. what questions do you need answered? where does that story go where here if it goes anywhere, mr. ambassador? >> i think the testimony last week by secretary of defense panetta and chairman dempsey revealed a vacuum of leadership at the top of the obama administration that i found not only unprecedented but shocking and very, very disturbing, that the president wasn't intimately involved in worrying about these americans under attack, worried about other americans elsewhere in the middle east, in north africa, possibly being under attack, the lack of contact between the secretary of defense and the secretary of state. i mean this is a -- we face a threat in that region, the president is nowhere close to adequately dealing witness. i hope he talks about it tonight. he certainly didn't in his inaugural address. bill: would you expect that? i'm not counting on it. i don't think the president pays adequate attention to international affairs.
6:51 am
i suppose he'll say something about north korea because he doesn't have any choice. bill: john bolton thank you. hemmer@fox bya, because you asked, just one line is all we need. martha: this story and this man who is a doctor are getting a ton of attention after he made national headlines criticizing president obama's policies in a speech introducing him at the national prayer breakfast. now why that doctor is defending what he said there. its a big story. bill: also there is dramatic new testimony in the trial of this woman accused of brutally killing her boy friend. what she is now telling jurors about her past. >> his tone changed to something very friendly but it was like artificial friendly. he said i have a great idea, how about you move to antarctica and never call me again. and i said minus antarctica, sure. hello?
6:52 am
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martha: dramatic new testimony in the trial of an arizona woman who is accused of murdering her boyfriend, stabbing him 20-something times. jodi arias told jurors that she was actually a victim of his mental and physical abuse, a claim that his friend have strongly denied. on the left you can see what the couple looked like when they were together. he's sort of peeking in from the side there, but they looked happy enough at that time. and that's what jodi airy as looks like now in court. alicia acuna has and following this for us. arias and her defense attorney continue to put the boyfriend in the blame zone here. >> they really do, martha, jodi arias is painting herself as a victim of physical and verbal abuse all at the hands of the
6:56 am
man she says she loved. this is the point where she recalls a particularly bad fight and she says he told her she should just move to antarctica and never call him again. she testified this was a very low point for her. >> throughout this all i had been feeling suicidal so i thought that that was kind of the point where i decided i wanted to go through with that, so i called my friend, matt because he had guns, and i was going to ask him if i could borrow one because i wanted to kill myself. >> reporter: now throughout the day the testimony worked to define travis alexander as a controlling, jealous boyfriend, someone jodi arias said she feared but returned to over and over again. martha: what a story this is. she's also made some other very serious accusations against him. >> reporter: yes, jodi arias testified that she discovered that travis alexander was
6:57 am
interested in child pornography, and that he was embarrassed when he waur when he was first caught but that turned to furry when she gave him a pamphlet about getting psychological help. she related another incident that she claims happen when she refused to lend him money. >> he got angry and he crossed the room and he started shaking me and he said. [bleep] i'm sick of you. an waand he was screaming at me cloud and some of his spit got in my face. he wasn't spitting on me when he was talking. and he body slammed me at the end of his bed. >> the attorneys asked why she didn't leave him or call the cops. she said she would never call the cops on him because she won't quote, betray him. martha: wow what, a story. we'll see how that turns out for her. bill: we are learning more about
6:58 am
pope benedict's decision to set aside including information about his health that we did not know before today. shepard smith is live at the vatican. we'll talk to him live in a moment. martha: florida senator marco rubio is set to give the republican response to the state of the union tonight and it will be unlike any other response in history we are told, when we come back.
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martha: uncertainty today for the world's 1.2 billion catholics, just a day after pope benedict dropped a bit of a bombshell that stunned the world announcing his intention to step aside, which is really not done, and he will do that at the end of this month. today we are learning new details about that decision, about his health and about the role that he will play in the future of the catholic church, and that is how we start with that beautiful vatican city background this morning. i'm martha maccallum, welcome. bill: i'm bill hemmer. morning martha, the vatican saying pope benedict will be hands-off in the selection of the next holy father, they made that clear earlier today.
7:02 am
lead leaving it up to the college of card nams to make that decision as it always is. shepard smith streams live out of rome italy. they are revealing a little bit more about pope benedict's health. they will us about that. >> reporter: we now know bill that the pope has apace maker and has had one for many years. in fact had one installed before he became pope, and then just about three months ago, bill, in the greatest of secrecy the pope left the vatican, went to a hospital, had the batteries inside that pacemaker replaced. nobody ever new anything of it outside his closes advisers inside vatican city. he never missed an appearance. again it was just a sort of routine battery change but it goes a long way to tell you how secret things are here and how much secrecy popes are given. bill: it certainly does. you have about two and a half weeks now on the calendar before he owe facially resigns the 28th of february. what are we learning about the
7:03 am
process, or what in the world happens after that? >> reporter: well, the cardinals will all come together and select a new pope, a process which has we learned, what, eight years ago can take a matter of days or a bit longer. any number of people up for that. there are thoughts about the possibility of the first black pope, and the first -- there are those from latin america as well. after that bill is where it gets interesting. not since gregory the 12th in 1416 have they had a situation where there is a former pope and a pope. so the many people are asking about what the role of the pope will be once he steps down. it's my understanding he will not go into seclusion, according to his aid he'll live in a cloistered monastery in the very back of vatican city, and he'll continue to write. the question remains if he has a
7:04 am
matter on doctrine about which he writes and the new hope whomever he may be has a different thought, whether there might be some sort of division within the church. they say they are not concerned about this at all, this is not a man who has ever sought political power or anything like that and they believe that he will just write and pray and live out his days in a monastery in the back of vatican city. that will be something that no one of course has seen in many centuries, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of concern about it around here e. says according to his aides he's just a man who has got even old and about a year ago, according to the vatican newspaper b about a year ago made this decision about going on a visit to mexico and cuba and was just exhausted afterward, he said i need to think about stepping down from this post. his brother says he's known about it for about a year. the transition will happen some time before easter which is at the end of march. and when the smoke rises there will be a new pope and another one who used to be pope hanging out in the back of vatican city.
7:05 am
bill: in the 1400s i think that was before cable news too so they have that to contend with. shepard enjoy your time. we'll talk to you later. shepard has more later today on the fallout and where the vatican and 1.2 billion catholics move from here. studio b, 3:00 eastern time live from the vatican. martha: a little bit of context now on the selection of the next pope. shepard talked a little bit about this. a pope is elected by the college of cardinals of course when he receives a two third majority of that group. after each round of voting, nobody will ever know who voted for whom because the ballots are burned and by tradition they are burned with special chemicals that create the black smoke that signifies when it comes through the chimney, we remember when we covered this last time around, you're detecting whether it's black or not. when it's white that means that they have indeed, and last time it took several days, come to a
7:06 am
conclusion, and elected a new pope, and you never know how strong the majority was, some say that benedict what's elected unanimously on the vote that did go through, but we'll never know, we'll never know. bill: the heck of a headline if you were inside th inside the sistine chapel. this is hours after the pope announces hes his resignation. some media outlets saying this a lightning bolt struck the basilica. there is a freeze frame that actually shows the lighting hit the top. martha: we just saw it a little bit. right to the top of st. peters. bill: put all this together, you have the year of the snake, pope benedict, lightning on stop of st. peters. martha: there is no such thing as coincidence. all right.
7:07 am
we are getting brand-new details right now on what to expect in tonight's state of the union address. the white house says that the president will focus on the economy and talk a lot about jobs and he will call for more investments, code word for spending in most cases, that he believes will start now, dispersing job growth in this country. that is a line of thinking that could antagonize republicans who say they believe spending is not the answer. our fox news polls suggest that the majority of americans, look at these numbers, the worst is yet to come in the economy, 52% say they believe that. how will the markets and the financial insurance taoupbgss responinstitutions respond to what the president has to say tonight. and they always do. neil cavuto joins us. senior vp for the fox business network. what are you thinking? i don't think there is too much doubt that the president will call for more investment tonight. >> reporter: talk about lightning striking buildings it
7:08 am
might strike the corner of wall and broad if we get an indication out of the president that according to some of this is key advisers he thinks that the debt battle is won, it's done. we are getting word out of the white house now in their views the job and debt reduction has effectively been finished. the white house believes that it's just about a trillion to a trillion and a half away from finalizing the cuts that would be necessary to getting this debt issue resolved and put behind them. never mind this 4 trillion that you hear much talk about is over ten years, and still grows higher over that same ten years. but if the white house is effective here saying this battle is done and won, republicans no doubt are going to seize on that and say, this battle hasn't even been started and hasn't even been waged and there is going to be some fighting word tonight and no doubt a response by marco rubio to that premature victory
7:09 am
announcement tonight. it is one of the reasons why no doubt in this poll that you're referring to, martha, a lot of americans are concerned about the future because they think that washington could be whistling past the financial graveyard here, that this debt is getting worse, and it is building. even if this year's deficit, for example, comes in better than expected, the congressional budget office is going to seize on that later this afternoon, it does not necessarily mean that we're going to be shrinking our red ink. whatever we pile in excess spending is going to be piled onto our debt and it will go on and on and on. the concern is tonight the president is not going to talk about a sort of a broad, you know, bold-face attempt to get this under control. that could raise some hack h he hackles and on wall street serious concern. martha: i talked to senator mccarthy before and it seems like the p debate over, as you say. that he believes spending is going to be the way to improve
7:10 am
the economy. he says there are signs in the housing market and other places that things are picking up, and it does feel like they are putting that debt issue to rest, at least for the moment, and that they don't think that they have to answer to republicans at all on that, neal. >> reporter: they are much convince towed that. they are looking at the housing you eluded to, they are looking at the improving financial market and the higher tax rates that they say are adding a lot to revenues in washington and could be substantially so for the month of january when the treasury releases numbers later today to that effect, so, they are effectively going to be saying, look the economy is improving, more revenues are coming into washington, we are on our way. we don't have to do anything draconian at all, we don't have to do anything big at all. if to hear some republicans tell it it's the democrats say of saying we don't have to do anything at all i. don't think that will sit well with wall street. whether buildings are struck by lightning as a result that might be a leap, but i do think it is a reminder here that the president is going to risk
7:11 am
republican and market ire responsibility by saying this game is won and done. martha: we will see, thank you so much. neil cavuto joining us here in "america's newsroom." you can watch him tonight. i will be anchoring the coverage for fox business network for the state of the union aeu direction 8:00 to 11:00 on the fox business network. we have bret baier on this side of things at the fox news channel hosting special coverage, that gets started at 8:55. get your pop court and get ready. bill: marco rubio delivers the republican response. he will deliver that in both english and spanish. the first time such a high profile speech will be given in two languages, immigration likely to be front and center. chief national correspondent jim angle live in d.c. on that. why marco rubio tonight? >> reporter: well, bill there is no question that send rubio who was only elect ned 2010 is already a star in the republican party, and that's why he's been
7:12 am
chosen to give the official response to the president. listen. >> if there is one thing that republicans learn from the november election it's that they need to do a better job of attracting hispanic votes. so, the combination of rubio's eloquent star power and his positions on immigration and other issues of interest to hispanics makes him really unbeatable for this position. >> reporter: so, young, hispanic, and articulate "time magazine" went so far as to put him on the cover of the magazine with the headline, the republican's savior, calling him the new voice of the republican party, bill. bill: you know, jim he is young but yet he is active in terms of fashioning legislation. what can you tell bus that? >> reporter: he had a long history in the florida legislature as well. he has authored bi-partisan jobs legislation, he has plans procedure legislation on education and small business and of course a carefully crafted immigration plan likely to draw bi-partisan support. that is an issue of course close
7:13 am
to the hearts of cuban americans. here is what he said. >> i didn't read about it in a book, i didn't watch some movie about immigration. i live this i shall hugh on a daily basis i. live in a family of immigrants, married into a familiar leave immigrants, in a neighborhood of immigrants, in a community of immigrants. >> reporter: rubio is trying to show the welcoming faces of g.o.p. on legal immigration while firmly discouraging illegal immigration. tonight he'll talk about a wider range of issues, jobs, spending taxes and the cost of big government on which he's taken fir ogs firm positions. he plans to role out several piece of legislation in weeks. in short rubio is what republican leaders hope their party will become. bill: big night in your town. >> reporter: you bet. bill: sim angle in washington. martha: we injures getting word that the deputy defense secretary ashton carter is testifying right now and he's not mincing words. he says that the cuts that are
7:14 am
about to kick in on march the 1st at the pentagon would leave us in a position of unreadiness. he says the devastating cuts are no longer a distant threat, and that the wolf is at the door. very strong testimony about his concerns in terms of what it would do to hamper our military if congress allows those cuts to kick in, saying that it would cancel maintenance on 25 ships, 470 aircraft. the list goes on and on. we'll give you more of that as he continues to speak about today what he sees as a dire situation for the pentagon if this happens. and there are some new concerns about the potential impact of these cuts, because just when our enemies are strengthening their military, our military is getting to cutback on the first of next month. we are going to ask a general what he believes the ramifications are for our country's safety. bill: also a doctor taking heat for publicly kreu criticizing the president's policies and doing it right in front of him. did he go too far? our panel will debate that as the doctor defend himself.
7:15 am
>> there are a group of people who would like to silence everybody and have everybody go along to get along, but that's not going to be very helpful for us in the long run in terms of solving our problems. and somebody has to be courageous enough to actually stand up to u know, the bully. [ male announcer ] house rule number 14.
7:16 am
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martha: a lot of buzz around this story. the doctor responsible for raising some eyebrows with his speech at the national prayer breakfast is now defending his conservative opinions that he put out there that morning. his name is dr. ben carson, a pediatric neurologist one of the best known physicians in the country at john hopkins medical school. he is in the national spotlight now after criticizing the mountain's tax policy right in front of the president. take a look. >> you make $10 billion you put in a billion. you make $10 you put in 1. of course you've got to get rid of the loopholes but --
7:19 am
[applause] >> now, some people say, they say well that is not fair, because it doesn't hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made 10, where does it say you have to hurt the guy? he just put a billion dollars in the pot. you know, we don't need to hurt him. >> oh, a little tense in there at that moment i would say. joined by bob beckel former democratic campaign manager and cohost of the 5. mary katherine ham is editor at large at hot and fox news contributor. bob, what do you think? >> i really can't say what i think on the air. martha: sure you can. >> i'll try to catch my language here. it was one of the most shameful appearances i've seen in washington in my career. martha: martha: yeah? >> let me tell you why. it is one of the few places whereby partisanship reigns. it's a which to commune with the god of your choice and this guy turns it into a talking point political session.
7:20 am
he could have wait ford the political action committee to spew this kind of stuff he had no right to use essentially a religious ceremony to spew that in front of the president of the united states or anybody else. >> i hope they have a fainting couch behind the five desk for bob. it's perfectly fine for bob to take issue with this. it's perfectly fine for doctor carson to have his point of view. the president tells stories about himself that he loves to be surrounded by a team of rivals, in practice that's almost ever true. as long east says he digs it so much, i say sit back and enjoy. i think -- i think there is a lot of overreacting about this. martha: bob u know, obviously it's the prayer breakfast, he started by quoting, you know, a number of different pieces of the bible, and sort of tying all of that together in what he was
7:21 am
saying. this is a doctor who is very well known. he speaks very frequently. i mean i would imagine that the president was prepared, kind of knew where he was coming from when he stood up and started to talk. what bothered me, in terms of the this event i which the president had just reached out his hand and shaken his hand and maybe dr. carson may have turned to him at the end and said look i know we don't agree on everything, i respect what you believe and you do the same tore me. >> it would be fine if it was a political gathering. when he quoted the bible, sometimes not well, he should have remembered that in romans, the great apostle paul said that we have to respect authority because the authority is given to us by god. martha: how was he disrespectful? >> how was he disrespectful? he goes and spews that right-wing stuff in front of the president of the united states. >> he was perfectly polite good by the way you name me one time in eight years where bush was at
7:22 am
a prayer breakfast when somebody did something like that for him. >> people showed up all the time in public to heckel him. >> i'm talking about a national prayer breakfast not in country. >> you tell me when the president himself has gone before the state of the union and insulted the supreme court of the united states. the president to expect everybody to hush, hush when he's at an event is not that reasonable when he takes to paul ryan when he's standing in the front row and takes to the supreme court. >> it's a prayer breakfast p you ge, you get that? martha: he spoke from his personal experience, his family experience, how he was raised, talked about his life, talked about the bible and how he ties all these things into the way his philosophy has brought him to think. i think it's interesting that you're so offended by it. >> i am offended. i think he got his 15 minutes of shame but shame on him. >> it sounds like you're afraid to hear from him. >> i'd be happy to hear from him
7:23 am
somewhere beside my church. >> your church is a prayer breakfast. martha: we'll see you on the 5. thank you. bill: what the seal team six member is saying about firing the fatal shots that killed osama bin laden. cops on a drug bust got a wild surprise when they were greeted by this guy. ♪ [singing] stphoelt. ♪'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks."
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7:26 am
stunning new details about the raid that killed the world's most dangerous terrorist. in an interview with esquire magazine a seal team six member, simply called the shooter, said he fired the fatal shot on osama
7:27 am
bin laden and now says the navy has left him high and dry after 16 years of service. the mental and physical struggles he's had since leaving the military. chad williams is a former navy seal and author of "seal of god." he is my guest out of los angeles. good morning to you and thank you for coming in today. we lean on guys like you to give us some inside knowledge and i appreciate that. this is -- >> thank you. bill: this is what the shooter said. i shot him two times in the forehead bat, bat the second time than east he's going down. i crumbled on to the floor and i hit him again in the same place. he was dead. i watched him take his last breath, just a reflex breath. this interview occurred in september. what do you think about him talking now? >> well i think it's important to share the story, the truth of what had happened, and a lot of
7:28 am
people out there, they might be thinking, you know, why would they takeout osama bin laden, why would they kill him, not try to take him alive if there wasn't say a weapon in his thern this, man could have a suicide vest on, ready to go that could blow up the building at any moment, so it's important to take him out as soon as possible before he potentially takes the lives of everyone inside of that building. bill: you know, chad i find two stunning items in this article and it's lined and detailed. i think bronstein did a great job, frankly. one is how he details the actual killing and the other is the life this man is left with now. his wife said this in the article, i feel there is no support, meaning from the military, not just for my family but for other families in the community. i honestly have nobody i can go to or talk to nor do i feel my husband has got even much for what he's accomplished in his career. what are we to understand about
7:29 am
that, chad? >> well it's not like he could show up to some job interview and say, look, here i am, the shooter, the guy, that would put a target on his back right away. when you're sort of doing a full 20 years in the military you don't really have a retirement. i fell into the same choose where as soon as i was out of the mai military these kind of it. i don't have any healthcare for my wife and i, we are living on the edge, and you just have to somehow cope with that. i have a very close friend of mine, by the name of scott helvenston who had a very similar situation. he was no ordinary navy seal, youngest man to make it through seal training at 17-years-old. world champion athlete. a record time on the obstacle course and when he had got even out of the military waoes struggling to provide and care for his family and ultimately he finds himself in a situation where he tells me, you know, junior i have this opportunity to go overseas and who knows
7:30 am
perhaps make a difference and provide for my household the way that i need to, it's only going to be a couple of months long. the next time that you saw my friend, my mentor, this man that was like a second father to me was on television, it was video foot afpblg his body being mutilated in the streets of iraq as they are chanting, fallujah is the graveyard of americans, beating on his body with rods and hanging him upside down from the euphrates river bridge and torturing his body. this is kind of the desperate sayings that scott found himself in. i believe he didn't die ultimately in vein. he was a sacrifice for the sake of freedom, and there are soldiers today that are a living sacrifice for the sake of freedom and this is just kind of the shoes that they find themselves in. bill: my best to you and your wife and the struggles you're going through. i know you find this outrageous, but it happens so much to so many navy seals. and my regards to you losing your friend scotch on that bridge in fallujah.
7:31 am
chad we will continue to talk to you about this okay. we'll bring you back soon. issues like this are not going away. chad williams, thank you. >> thank you for having me on. martha: it's an incredible story to think that this hero to killed osama bin laden is in this tough shape. they say if he stayed in his 20 years he would have been entitled. we have to have a different set of rules for tees people who are in these extraordinary set of circumstances and burn out sooner than the other people in the military because ever the extraordinary circumstances that they are in. we have to have a better solution. bill: huge, huge sacrifice you heard it from chad in person. martha: there are dire new warnings today about the massive defense cuts that are set to hit the pentagon on march the 1st. while one top official is speaking out just moments ago. he says the wolf is at the door, folks. he wants us to realize what he believes this means for our national security.
7:32 am
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martha: a dire new warning today about the massive defense cuts that are set to hit the pent gone next month. deputy defense secretary ashton carter tells this morn, the senate armed services committee a few minutes ago the across-the-board cuts are no longer, quote, a distant threat, and he believes they could undermined the new defense strati f national security correspondent give give is live at the pentagon. how bad is this going to be? >> reporter: well it looks very bad, the warnings are very dire as you mentioned
7:36 am
if you listen to the joint chiefs and deputy defense secretary ash carter who are speaking on capitol hill before the senate armed services committee t has already had a significant impact on navy families for instance in norfolk, virginia, when the navy announced last week they would not have enough in their budget to deploy the uss truman to the persian gulf. that deployment was canceled on friday. >> secretary panetta and i have been using the word devastating for 16 months now, and i testified last august to the consequences of sequestration, if it was to occur and now the wolves's at the door. >> i began my career in a hollow army. i do not want to end my career in a hollow army. >> reporter: the army chief said they would have to curtail training 80% of the ground forces if sequestration takes place.
7:37 am
furlough 20,000 civilians up to 22 days. 80% live outside the beltway in washington and work at army depots and navy ship, work on ships outside of the beltway. he anticipates losing 100,000 army personnel if sequestration happens. only 16 days are left to stop sequestration. martha: when you think about it, jennifer, these cuts were designed to be devastating. they were designed to be so devastating that congress would never allow them to kick in. that is where we find ourselves now. with this as backdrop the president is expected to make announcement tonight about troop levels in afghanistan, right? >> reporter: that's right. as you mentioned sequestration was never supposed to happen. it was supposed to be a poison pill so difficult it wouldn't happen. what we expect to hear tonight from president obama during the state of the union address, he is, we're anticipate that he will announce that 34,000 u.s. troops will be home in a year, in a year's time from now. this is part of the drawdown
7:38 am
from afghanistan. what's new here is at window into the pace of the withdrawal. the president has decided to cut the force in half a year before the complete withdrawal, martha. martha: jennifer, thank you very much. reporting from the pentagon. bill: martha, we have taken a look now on the percentages of defense spending for countries like the united states, russia, china. we just wanted to give viewers at home an idea about what countries are doing what over the past four years and coming four years. what we've done is taken a percentage of the defense budget growth, starting in 2007, going up to 2011. so you have a period of four years here. between china, russia and the united states down here on the bottom. if we use our slide rule here, and bring it out to just about the current year, 2012, you see where these three lines diverge. china goes up. russia goes up to a lesser degree and the u.s. almost remains flat compared to the
7:39 am
other two countries. if you project us next four years to say, 2015, watch what happens to the lines to the three countries and percentage in their defense budget. china is 300% increase. russia is not too far behind. the united states is not only flat but trailing now as we move toward the year 2015. major general robert scales is retired from the u.s. army, a fox news military analyst and, sir, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: what do you make of this? >> well, as you show there we have two divergent curves. isn't it interesting that ash carter is testifying before the senate about reducing defense budgets at a time that north korea explodes their first operationally capable nuclear weapon. and he announced that the navy is going to reduce its presence in the pacific around north korea by 35%. at the time north korea and iran are building nuclear
7:40 am
weapons, we are reducing our expenditures on rebuilding our 50-year-old nuclear arsenal. this is ridiculous. bill, i've lived through three of these in my lifetime. after vietnam. in the carter era, and during the peace dividend. this is by far the worst i have ever seen. bill: worse in what way? when you think about this, the wolf is at the door, that's a phrase that people can understand. >> well, let me put it this way. it takes one budget cycle to break the back and create a hollow military. it take as generation to rebuild it. you say, well, all we're going to do is reduce the budget. no, we're not. we'll take away, 100,000 soldiers. many spent, four, five, six tours in iraq and afghanistan. we'll reduce the army's training budget by 78% at a time we have the most tactically capable military in the world. the fall-off, the proficiency training
7:41 am
fall-off is very quick, americasured in weeks and months, but takes years if not decades to rebuild a hollow force. bill: well-stated. one more point on the north korean test you referred to in the first answer. >> yes. bill: do you expect cutting the nuclear arsenal to be part of the speech tonight given the timing of the nuclear test or is it taken out? >> that is already on the way out. they're talking about an $80 billion reduction in the nuclear rebuild over the next eight years. that is $10 billion a year. remember our nuclear weapons are 40, 50 years old. the north koreans as i said earlier, it looks like they have their first viable uranium bomb. it is the first operationally capable weapon they have built. mate that to an icbm they tested in december, this is no longer a regional problem, bill. this is an american problem that we have to@tend to. bill: with regard to sequestration, roy blunt, the senator, was with us yesterday. he says it is going to happen. if it does, hold onto your
7:42 am
hat. thank you, general bob scales for your time today. here is martha. martha: the clock is ticking now down to the state of the union address which happens this evening and the republican response from senator marco rubio which will follow as traditionally does. this time he is in the spotlight. so what can we expect to hear from this rising star in the gop? we'll ask steve hayes because he just sat down with marco rubio. bill: also a drug bust with a serious bite. >> it's hard to tell because of its size. it is certainly interesting to have it but i don't really know what their motive was to have it. hi. i'm henry winkler.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
numerous charges. as for the gator, it has been turned over to county humane services. martha: republican rising star, senator marco rubio, is set to deliver the gop response tonight to the president's state of the union address. president obama is expected to be aggressive we're hearing tonight. we'll see if that turns out to be the case but in an interview with our own steve harubio says he will show how president obama's view of america differs from that of republicans. quote. on issue after issue, there is virtually no problem in america that he thinks doesn't have a government answer. from concussions in football to the weather, according to marco rubio in his sit-down with steve hayes. steve hayes joins me now, senior writer at "the weekly standard" and a fox news contributor. steve, welcome, good to have you here as always. >> welcome, martha. martha: what do you think to hear from marco rubio? >> i think he will drive a contrast in different ways. one most obvious is the
7:47 am
vision contrast. what free enterprise yields and versus what the government yields. you showed a quote there, a flavor of where marco rubio wants to take that argument. on the other hand i think he wants to make sort of a tonal contrast where president obama as you say is supposed to be combative or feisty or aggressive tonight, taking shots at republicans. i think marco rubio is likely to seek to stay above the fray, to be big-minded and make a bigger, deeper case, to the american people what the american dream means in a very practical way, instead after theoretical way we've heard about. martha: from a political sense when you look at marco rubio he has had an unbelievable rise. feels just like yesterday he was a really unlikely newbie congressional candidate from florida that nobody thought could win his race. look where he is now, delivering the republican response, rising star in his party. but you know, we've seen this road before with this rebuttal opportunity that comes up and paul ryan had
7:48 am
it and bobby jindal had it. do you think marco rubio's sort of outcome will be more memorable than theirs were? >> well, that's a good question and i asked about that i joked with him, you know you had some of your predecessors who sort of stumbled in this speak. it is very hard to be on par with the president of the united states speaking to congress. there's a certain ceremonial aspect to that that is hard to replicate or hard to compete with. he said, look, i can't really be worried about that. if you are in a ball game and you don't want the ball with 30 seconds to go you probably shouldn't be in the ball game, that is sort of his attitude toward the whole thing. i don't think he is cowed by it. he sees it as an opportunity to make a contrast case with the president. he will push him on a number of issues including obamacare which i thought was interesting. martha: interesting. of course there is the latino question, an area that, you know, the gop did horrible with in the last presidential election and it
7:49 am
definitely contributes to his popularity. the idea that he can embrace a group that has not been embracing republicans lately. >> i think that's right. i mean there's a lot of talk whether, does he have broad appeal among hispanic voters. i think the fact is he does and he will. the really what marco rubio, i think what sets him apart is the fact that he is the best communicator in the republican party right now. you know, the fact that he is hispanic allows him to make a case to republicans as you say rub republicans have not done enough to reach out to. rubio is his strength is to be able to communicate no matter the audience. martha: you talked so much about how he reached out to friends and family in florida and says what do you care about, what do you want to hear about? if you had 15 minutes to sort of change the conversation, what would you do? >> yeah, exactly. i do think we'll hear about immigration. i don't think it will dominate his response which is expected to go between 12
7:50 am
and 15 minutes. i think he will use the time he has got to talk about immigration in the context of economic growth. the interesting thing he is going to do tonight, another substantive contrast will be pushing a republican agenda, republican message that really focuses on economic growth, in addition to austerity. martha: he has an opportunity tonight that few get to rebut the president's state of the union address. we'll watch it tonight. thanks for the insight before all that, steve. good to talk to you. >> thanks, martha. martha: catch full coverage of course right here this evening. president obama's state of the union address on fox news. special coverage begins at 8:55 p.m. tonight. do not miss it. bill: you will be there, right? martha: i will be there. bill: be there with popcorn, husband, three kids. martha: if i can round them all up. bill: work on that. martha: i will. bill: who women be the next pope? will the united states get its first pope? and what about latin america? it has never happened there before either. some are asking if the next
7:51 am
church leader could come from that region. martha: a lot of questions about that. very interesting. and here is something completely different. a horror movie comes to life as a legitimate news organization warns people that zombies are rising in fact from their graves. it indeed has happened. we done mock-ups before. this is the real deal, folks. we'll be right back. ♪ dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains.
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that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. ididide?e announcer ] cleaner, you're not my dad ahh!! hey honey, back feels better, little dancing tonight, you and me? dr. scholl's pro inserts relieve different types of lower body pain by treating at the source so you're a whole new you. go pro with dr. scholl's.
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martha: wait until you see this. folks in great falls, montana, got a bit of a scare as hackers apparently got into the emergency alert system in one. tv stations there, warned of
7:55 am
a coming, in fact imminent zombie apocalypse. take a look at this. >> civil authorities in your area are reported bodies of dead are rising from their graves attacking the living. poll messages on screen that will be updated as information becomes available. martha: see, it is indeed happening. the bodies of the dead are rising and attacking. the message got on telling them not to attempt to approach these bodies. they're considered extremely dangerous, don't go near them. the station said the whole thing was a fake and their engineers are trying to figure out exactly how that happened. i think it was taken over by zombie is. bill: there is whole issue about competence in the media. i don't know why that would be the case. martha: that is problematic. bill: long considered a a fortress in the catholic church, latin america is home to one of the fastest growing catholic populations. go the next pope be latino?
7:56 am
steve harrigan live in miami. how many attention is this getting? >> reporter: bill, it is getting quite a bit of attention especially from those who think the southern hemisphere. 42% are in latin america but those cardinals simply do not have the votes yet. although europe has only 25% of the world's catholics, they have over half of the voting cardinals. so still a longshot for a noneuropean pope, bill. bill: who would be the main contenders from latin america, steve? >> reporter: five or six names keep being mentioned among those most likely the cardinal sher of brazil. this is the world's largest catholic country. owe controls the world's largest catholic diocese. cardinal sandri and he holds key positions. a longer shot from honduras. he has goten a lot of praise for his work with the poor. any of these three could be
7:57 am
a potential first latin american pope, bill. bill: steve, let the speculation begin. steve harrigan, live from miami on that story. we'll all probably find out probably within four weeks. thanks. martha: interesting story. there are major developments right now in the manhunt for a fugitive ex-cop and triple murder suspect. why please are now saying that chris dorner had help in his getaway. so who is helping chris dorner, and what the prosecutors are going to do even before he's captured. that's coming up.
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